Social Security Claims

Social Security Claims Are Often Denied By Insurance Companies. David Fink Can Help You Get The Compensation Take You Need.

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David Fink Will Fight For Your Social Security Insurance Dispute

Reasons You May Be Denied Disability Payment:

  • You Do Not Provide Sufficient Medical Proof
  • You Have an Impairment That is Not Considered Severe
  • You Have an Impairment Resulting From Alcohol or Drug Addiction
  • You Have an Impairment That is Not Expected to Last More Than One Year
  • You are Able to Perform Your Usual Type of Work
  • You are Able to Perform Another Type of Work
  • You Fail to Take Prescribed Medicine as Directed
  • You Return to Work While Application is Pending

What happens when you apply for disability payment? When your application is being reviewed, each and every regulation is looked over and they will try to find any possible way to deny your application. This hardly seems fair at all when there are people out there with the exact same condition you have and yet they were approved. You are told that you can appeal the decision, but that can take an additional year! You deserve justice if this has happened to you