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Have you been charged with a crime? DUI, DWI or something more complex? David E. Fink has the reputation and experience of giving you the best in criminal defense. The police will do whatever they can to make charges against you, but it is the district attorney’s job to make those charges stick.

Criminal Defense is no easy task and it is always recommended not to represent yourself in these matters. The prosecutors are slick and will do whatever it takes to convince a judge and/or jury that you are guilty of every crime brought against you.

Being charged with “Driving While Intoxicated” (DWI) is the top alcohol infraction. In Maryland, the offense is extremely severe in the sense that 12 points automatically are marked against your license. This results in instant revocation of your license. The monetary fine for a first offense is $1,000, and $2,000 for a second offense. Get help today so the charges against you would stick.

When Being charged of a (DUI) the end result is eight points tallied against your driving record and a $500 fine. Jail time can range from 60 days from the first offense and up to a year for the second. David E. Fink can help lower the charges against you.

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